The Association

Hong Hienne Bane Hao association was created on the 26.03.1994 in Mulhouse (North East of France in Alsace) and was registered at the high court on the 25.04.1994 until January 2012.


Since the 13.01.2011, the association is named ‘Alsace Laos/Hong Hienne Bane Hao and its headquarters in Mulhouse, 7 rue de la Loire.


This new name reflects better our actions that are not limited to Mulhouse and Ban Na Teui but go between Alsace and Laos.


Registered at the high court in Mulhouse,  at the ‘Registre des associations, Volume 67, folio 03’ on the 9th of January 2012, the association aims to:


Allow the improvement of the education, health, environment and life condition in villages in Laos.

Promote in Alsace and the whole North East of France the Laotian culture.

Alsace Laos Association is a chain of friendships, shared services and solidarity. We are convinces that everybody has the possibility to act in order to reach defined goals.

The Youth City Council of Mulhouse

History partnership with the town of Mulhouse goes up to more than 20 years ago and with the youth council since 2008. Having accompanied, as the president of Alsace Lao, the delegation of the youth council in Ban Na Teui, I can say that it is a unique, rich in sharing, discoveries and emotions.


Here are a few testimonies of the young counsellors on their stay and experiences in the village:


“I believe that it really is a unique occasion and a big opportunity that we have been given to participate to this unforgettable stay in Laos. I keep beautiful souvenirs and meetings… With no doubt, an incredible moment of my actions in the CDJ (Youth council), but also a significant moment of my life.” (Jack)


“This journey made me grow. It is an unforgettable experience that will remain engraved in my memory.” (Célia) 


“This journey allowed me to realise we are not alone and that we can offer our support somewhere else. I loved the sharing of cultures, at all levels.” (François)


“This journey was very enriching for me, I could know better Ban Na Teui, the village of tata Bé, with its welcoming inhabitants with who I had a good laugh !” (Say Daly)


“When we arrived, we surprise and excitement in some eyes, as if we were saviors coming from somewhere else with our technology ! But I noticed that our modernity  was not creating the happiness they already have.” (Thibaud)


“As soon as we arrived, I was very stressed at the thought of discovering a totally different culture. But days went by and finally I would have preferred staying a few more days, despite a lot of tears after only a few days with the people.” (Amélie)


“It was a wonderful and unforgettable journey. I met there caring and very welcoming people. These inhabitants who live with simplicity and share, gave us a lot. I will never forget them.” (Hassiba)



The Youth City Council of the town of Mulhouse in the rice fields


A few pictures of the students sportsmen’ stay in Ban Na Teui


Mulhouse town council (City council, Youth & sport pool, youth council), 

Cross-border cooperation, and international relations, IDJ, ECN radio, the SIBAR, KIWANIS CLUB BOLLWERK, Univers pharmacy of Colmar, Fletcher laboratory of Strasbourg, Comgest, SARL TSE, French family allowance national organisation CAF, Lion’s club Orangerie and metropole, Rotary club west Strasbourg, Ste Catherine pharmacy, des vignes pharmacy, Locksmith Hirstel, Ste ursule secondary school, Struat school, Ste Clothilde school in Strasbourg, teachers’ association of P. Emile Victor secondary school of Obernai,  De woerth secondary school, ASAC Lao of Besançon, street festival of Colmar, Echangeons le monde, Le Lézard, Fête du Monde, Culture et Liberté au Pays de la Potasse, Champa Lao school, Asie Image, RDP Lao embassy, Thailong shop, Alsatic, COOP Alsace, Gyss printer, Mega Dental, Acteon Satelik Transcare, Mulhouse Rhein Rotary club, Village d;’Asie, Fete du Monde at Bourogne, Meli-Melo theatre, SOURIYA orchestra, Credit Mutuel, Bel Ait socio cultural center, pour Sourire charity, Scouts et guides de France, Nature a Coeur.


And all our sponsors, our friends who are  dentists, doctors, nurses, care assistants, politics, benefactors and members of the association who we cannot nominate here.