The Kindergarten in Ban Bo - started in 2019

The kindergarten in Ban Bo did not exist before 2019, hence the demand of teachers and villagers to build this new school.

The new kindergarten is a one-storey building with three classrooms and an office. The walls are brick and the roofs are sheet metal. The big works are finished in summer 2019 with the Scouts coming to the village to work on the spot. The inhabitants and the teachers are taking part in the project and participate in the work with us.

The kindergarten has been home to about 50 children aged 3 to 10 since 2020, despite the fact that the school is not finished.

In 2022, our association was able to travel to Laos after three long years of absence. Work has resumed on the site:

  • installation of windows and doors
  • electrical wiring and connections
  • ceiling installation

Swings and slides were installed on the playground. The remaining work is to build the toilets and a water tower, to install tiles, to equip classrooms, and to arrange the playground, etc...

Partnership with Scouts and Guides de France in August 2019 (Les Compafluences du Val d'Oise, Les 'Faux Comp' de Montélimar, Les Incomparables de Dreux)

A sequence of rice planting in rice paddies, games and awareness of the respect and maintenance of the environment with the youth of the village, and ceremony of Baci to thank the Scouts.