The Ban Nateui sports field

Origin of the project

This is the 3rd solidarity project carried out by the Mulhouse Youth Council in the village of Ban Na Teui in southern Laos.


To date, primary and secondary school students, like other young people in the village, practice various sports on wastelands and have a basic facility. Depending on the season, it rains a lot in Laos and during the day, the temperature varies between 30 and 35° C; the practice of sport is problematic.


At school, students can only play sports after 4pm so as not to be exposed to too much sun and heat. The duration of the practice of sport is therefore limited, as night falls around 6:30 pm.


Students and teachers dream of having a place adapted to local weather conditions on or in which they can practice and teach sports and physical education on a regular basis. The provision of sports equipment would also encourage the practice of other disciplines in and out of school.


Both parents and teachers agree that physical activity is beneficial for children's health, balance and good education.


Sport also allows children to strengthen their self-esteem, integration into a social environment, development of a taste for effort, respect for the rule and team spirit.


New construction sites of the heart

It is in this spirit that the association and the Youth Council have embarked on this wonderful adventure.


A new group of 10 young advisors and their coordinator made the trip to the village in July 2012 to work on the site. The construction of the sports platform required a very significant mobilization of young advisors to raise funds for two years.


From November 2012, students and teachers were able to practice sports in the shelter of rain and sun, delighted with their new sports equipment.


2014: Fate's blow and new project


On the night of April 13, 2014, a hurricane collapsed the roof and the entire mechanical structure that constituted this equipment. A shock for the villagers, for all of us members of the Alsace Laos association. This sports platform was an essential tool for the development of the young villagers and was the pride of the teachers and of the whole village as well as of all the actors who contributed to it; we are sorry, sad and dismayed that this disaster happened to us.


A delegation from the Mulhouse Youth Council was scheduled to visit Laos this summer, in July 2014, to complete this equipment, including the construction with villagers and craftsmen, changing rooms, bleachers and storage facilities for sports equipment.


Thanks to the financial support of the Youth Council and the city of Mulhouse, the plateau was rebuilt in November 2014 in the same year. The work continued until 19 July 2016, the date of the official inauguration with the arrival of the Deputy Mayor of Mulhouse, the Head of Department of the Youth and Sport Centre, the delegation of the Youth Council and its Head.


The Alsace Laos association was present to celebrate this event in Ban Nateui with the villagers who booked us an unforgettable celebration.