Our achievements

Ban Nateui Primary School (1999 - 2004)

The first project of the association was carried out for the reconstruction of the village primary school. It took two years of work to build it.

Ban Nateui's dispensary (2003 - 2004)

The association wanted to contribute to addressing health issues, a real challenge in Laos where life expectancy does not exceed 56 years.

Several oral health care missions took place in 2004, 2006, 2008, 2008, 2010, 2014 and 2018 at the initiative of Dr Philippe LEVY, dental surgeon.

Ban Nateui Middle School (2004 - 2006)

The rustic and dilapidated school was rebuilt with the help of local villagers and craftsmen, and without any motorized equipment.

Ban Nateui Agricultural and Fish Training Centre (2008/2017)

To offer the inhabitants a follow-up to their school career, we have opened a training centre that offers educational support in the mastery of "organic" agriculture and fish


Ban Nateui's Sports Field for Primary and Middle Schoolers (2012/2015)

The weather conditions and existing equipment did not allow for sports activities.  In 2012, this new construction site gave birth to this brand-new multi-purpose space.


A primary school and a kindergarten for the village of Ban Sok

In November 2015, when our association visited the village to start the project to rebuild the 5-class primary school, we were asked by the villagers and teachers to renovate the kindergarten, which is in very poor condition.


The kindergarten is located 40km from the town of Savannakhet and was built in 1998. The walls as well as the beams and frames are eaten away by termites and may be a danger to the safety of the 37 children who use the premises, supervised by two female teachers.

The Kindergarten in Ban Bo started in 2019

The kindergarten in Ban Bo did not exist before 2019, hence the demand of teachers and villagers to build this new school.

The new kindergarten is a one-storey building with three classrooms and an office. The walls are brick and the roofs are sheet metal. The big works are finished in summer 2019 with the Scouts coming to the village to work on the spot. The inhabitants and the teachers are taking part in the project and participate in the work with us.

Awareness for respect and maintenance of the environment

Apart from our mission of building schools and others, it is very important for us to preserve nature and deal with waste. Together with the mayor and the women of the village of Ban Na Teui, we criss-crossed the area to collect the waste and burn it. The mayor promised to remind the inhabitants every week by loudspeakers the good gestures and good attitudes to adopt for a better living environment.